Women’s Circles

In traditional East Asian medicine, blood is said to rule women’s physiology, just as chi is said to rule men’s. It sounds poetically simplistic and yet, as a practitioner, there is no doubt that on levels including those beyond the physical, the health of the blood plays a more significant role in women’s well-being. On a practical level we can see how this simply relates to menstruation and childbirth, yet we must traverse much deeper if we are to fully reclaim the well-being of the blood and re-member the roots of what it is to be woman. This journey to wholeness takes us into what is known as the Blood Mysteries. 

What are the Blood Mysteries? They are the ancient rivers of embodied knowing that flow through the veins of the wise woman; for she who knows her blood, knows her own power. A very ancient way of disseminating and sharing these teachings is through a women’s circle, where we sit together as women, creating a safe container in which we each can feel supported and empowered in the journey to re-member and reclaim our wholeness. This sacred practice incorporates teachings about the rites of passage for women, which are crucial junctures each of us must navigate if we are to fully become all that we can be. Naturally, this process of deepening our relationship to ourselves and others begins to bring more clarity as to the unique song our soul is here to sing: our chosen path in life. 

I offer a four-week women’s circle in Dorrigo, where we gather once a week for 2 hours in a beautiful sacred space to dive deep into these practices. All women post menarche (first blood) are welcome.

Now taking expressions of interest for March 2019. Contact me here to register your interest or for more information.

“An amazing wise women’s journey. As mother and daughter attending, it was a nurturing and supportive circle for my daughter to embrace the menarche period of her life. I watched my daughter tap into the wisdom of many women. The journey with Akhalita and the circle was rewarding and enlightening.” Syena and Lupa

“What a beautiful offering, over four weeks corresponding to the moon sequence. The teachings and reflections regarding the interconnected cycle of feminine energy and power has greatly increased my understanding and value I have for my feminine gateways through this life. I have been eager to discuss this way shown to me by Akhalita with my friends and family. I strongly believe these perspectives, and the return to the understanding of nature cycle basics, can facilitate exponential growth of positive supportive communities with balance. A must for all ages.” Kristy

“A delight to be one in a circle of inter-generational women, gaining a collective deeper understanding of the rhythm of our bodies to the rhythm of the moon and all life.  I dream of a time when this learning becomes mainstream education for teenage girls.” Fran

“Akhalita is an inspiring teacher. She made our women’s group special, safe and fun. We walked through the moon cycle in a very profound and healing way. I am looking forward to the next Wise Women’s Ways.” Annie


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