Profiles for the 13 Warrioresses

The Profiles

Consider the Profile as your map to engaging the Warrioress lineage that was written in the stars for you. It is a rich and juicy PDF that begins you on the journey of fleshing out the bones of your specific Warrioress.

It details how Allies from the Chart of Correspondences (available when you sign up for free at the bottom of this page)  weave together and suggests ways to engage them and stepping stones that will take you along Her path. It will support you to create your own unique relationship with your Warrioress and help you address fears that may be limiting you, while also highlighting  strengths that you may not have yet fully tapped nor be fully conscious off. Your Mission is given to you as the bones you are to flesh out, along with tonics to strengthen your resolve to complete this work as you embody the potency and power of your Warrioress.

Each of these Profiles takes you on a deep journey with your Warrioress and her lineage, sharing her full herstory and how she weaves her magic with her Allies. Here you will receive guidance for connecting in with your Warrioress and detailed suggestions for ways you can deepen your relationship to the fierce feminine. There is also information about the live-in program offered (The Experience) where you are able to explore specific activities that relate to your Warrioress and begin the journey of embodying the fierce feminine in your own unique and powerful expression of Her.

Huntress Profile: $50.00 




Artisan Profile: $50.00





Messenger Profile: $50.00 




Protectress Profile: $50.00




Warrior Queen Profile: $50.00






Priestess Profile: $50.00




Determinatress Profile: $50.00




Banshee Profile: $50.00




Medicine Woman Profile: $50.00




Archeress Profile: $50.00




Alchemist Profile: $50.00




Wildling Profile: $50.00




Merciful One Profile: $50.00