Inner Journeys with your Warrioress

Inner Journeys: $90 (approx. 2 hour session)

A guided inner journeying to facilitate deeper integration of your Warrioress archetype and her specific ‘mission’ (outlined in her Profile) via the intuitive channelling process and the somatic experience.

Whilst the Amazonian Astrology Reading is designed to deeply inform and connect us with her feminine journey and emerging Warrioress, this process takes us one step further by intensely engaging us with the cellular memory held in our physical body. Identifying where we are holding
blockages on the emotional/soul levels which prevent us from fully actualising our feminine life purpose.

This is an empowering and healing exploration where the ‘held’ sacred space fosters profound reconnection to those parts of our beings which have lain dormant and unacknowledged. It speaks to ‘that’, which is crying out to come home and reclaim its rightful place in the wholeness of our beings.

        Learn the theories as best you can, then put them aside and touch the living soul.

Carl Jung

Inner Journeys with your Warrioress is offered by Jeanette Jones in Dorrigo or can also be offered  remotely.

Who is Jeanette Jones?

“My journey in this life has been one driven by a deep need to understand and experience the nature of healing/’wholing’. In pursuit of this calling, I proceeded to study extensively in the areas of Natural Medicine, Astrology and Energetic Healing. Such rich and ancient wisdom made my heart sing, and even more so when holding space for clients with their histories and ‘herstories’.

Each cycle of learning has spiraled me into deeper connection with my calling, and at the end of the last cycle, I found myself taking a surefooted step into strangely familiar yet entirely new territory with the Amazonian Arts. This has allowed me to explore and ‘marry’ my primary modalities of Astrology and energy healing. The beauty this ‘marriage’ offers is the deep informing through the astrological soul story and then the dropping into the body/emotional energetic. We begin with the mind: the understanding; and then move into the heart: the feeling, the knowing.”