What are the Amazonian Arts?

The Amazonian Arts are a shamanic way for women[1] to consciously connect with, strengthen and express the fierce feminine.

In this moment, at this time in the world, humans and the greater community of Earth stand poised on a precipice. We have reached an impasse. If we continue on the same destructive path that we have been on we face imminent demise: our own and that of countless other beings on the planet. Yet, it is still possible that this time in our collective memories could instead become known as what is called The Great Turning[2]. Many of us believe that the key to this shift is in fully re-membering, reclaiming and embracing the forgotten, exiled and suppressed feminine. The great urgency required to restore wholesome balance at this time can be heard as a banshee cry in the hearts of all those listening, calling us to awaken the fierce feminine within.

So what are the Amazonian Arts? They are a shamanic way for women to contact the fierce feminine within. The Amazonian Arts is a modern-day mythology: an interactive story of today’s fierce feminine Warrioresses as inspired by the Amazons. This is a story set to support our re-membering of the sacred feminine in her power: a story that we can collectively weave as women consciously contacting the fierce feminine within and shining it both on a personal (soul) and collective (spirit) level. The Amazonian Arts program assists women to meet their specific Warrioress (one of 13), which then opens the door to a set of unique experiences that each woman co-creates for herself to empower her fierce feminine within.

Black Unicorn Speaks …

“I am the mascot[3] for the Amazonian Arts: a magical creature who is the mythological equivalent to the literal steeds of the Amazons. Much like the feminine, I have been reduced and minimised to something comfortable and safe (‘neutered’), but my true nature is fierce, and I am longing to be re-membered and restored. I represent what is just out of reach, unsettling and powerful. I represent the primal and in my dark form I represent the feminine.

I am black and I am back.”

The Journey Begins here …

The first step is to sign up at the bottom of this page (it’s free!) and receive the Amazonian Arts Womanifesto. This will give you the bones of the whole project, which you can simply scan through or devour in detail. The Chart of Correspondences (the single page PDF) is where you get an overview of the 13 Warrioresses. Here you will see that each Amazonian Warrioress has been birthed from the stars (the Zodiac signs), and then aligned with the following: Matron Goddess, Ally, Weapon, Spirit Animal, Tarot Card, Crystal/Stone/Resin, and Medicine Plant. Meet the 13:

Huntress, Artisan, Messenger, Protectress, Warrior Queen, Priestess, Determinatress, Banshee, Medicine Woman, Archeress, Alchemist, Wildling, Merciful One

Which one/s do you feel intuitively drawn to? Click the link below to get a brief introduction to each of them …

Meet the 13 Warrioresses

Although you can intuitively choose the Warrioress you feel is most strongly calling you and skip this next step, often the Warrioress we choose isn’t necessarily the one that would choose us. Why? Because paradoxically our deepest truths often lie hidden from us, buried in the unconscious. In order to contact the deepest gifts of this work we recommend taking an eagle-eye perspective and consulting what is written in the stars. Amazonian Astrology will take you on a profound journey into your personal natal chart with specific asteroid placements that will reveal your full relationship to the fierce feminine. Click on the link below to find out more about Amazonian Astrology and which Warrioress is coming for you …

Amazonian Astrology

Once you know your Warrioress, the next step is to create your own Amazonian Arts journey! The black unicorn will fly you as far as you wish to go. Choose individual services from the list below (for they each are complete in themselves), mix and match, or work through them all. Each act as a portal inviting you into deeper levels of relationship with your Warrioress, and hence your own fierce feminine …

Profiles for the 13 Warrioresses

Inner Journeys with your Warrioress 

Amazonian Medicine Dolls

Plant Medicine Healings

The Experience

May your Amazonian Arts journey take you on a wild ride into the centre of your own strengths as you re-member and renew your own true nature as an agent of the fierce feminine.

Fierce Felicitations,

Akhalita Makoto
Warrior Queen & Foundress of the Amazonian Arts


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[1] I acknowledge that there are people who no longer identify with the binary of woman/man and although I use these terms throughout I value gender diversity and the spectrum that exists between the binary.

[2] This term was first coined by Depth Ecologist, Joanna Macy.

[3] Mascot originally comes from the Latin word ‘masca’, meaning ‘witch’, with etymological connections to the word ‘mask’ (‘black’). Clearly it is time to reclaim this word.