The 13 Warrioresses

Meet the 13 Amazonians


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Huntress: I am born of the constellation Aries and I am the first of the Amazonian Warrioresses. I have long trained to focus the fire within my belly and so I am adept at single-pointed concentration. Consequently, I excel at hunting, and the Bow and Arrow are my weapon of choice. My Matron Goddess Artemis is known as the goddess of the Hunt, Archery and the Moon. I commune with the Elementals, Nymphs and Faery Folk as we trance in ecstatic dance. Want to really get to know me? Click here.

Artisan: I am born of the constellation Taurus and like my Matron Goddess Hathor, I wear a power-filled headdress to signify my status. My gem of choice is Sunstone, which instils a joie de vivre in all who behold it, for it is a stone of brightness that connects us all with the regenerative power of the sun. Its reflections are brilliant due to its inclusions. It lifts dark moods, removes inhibitions and increases self-worth and confidence. Like sun and stone, I am fierce and strong, and I wield the Battle Axe as my weapon of choice. Want to really get to know me? Click here.

Messenger: I am born of the constellation Gemini and I carry the Caduceus—the winged wand with its spiralling serpents. It is born by many heralds including my Matron Goddess Iris. Are you aware of its significance? Firstly, do not confuse it with the Rod of Asclepius, for it is NOT a symbol of medicine. Rather it has ancient astrological associations with trade, eloquence, negotiation, wisdom, alchemy, thievery, lying, and passage into the underworld. All of these things am I adept in, and I am also skilled with the Shiruken, which is my weapon of choice. Want to really get to know me? Click here.

Protectress:  I am born of the constellation Cancer and my Element is Water. At my heart I wear the guardian gemstone Emerald that protects me from enchantments and changes colour in the presence of unfaithfulness. Additional to this, it has a calming effect on my moods and, given my proclivity for the emotional depths, it assists in my regeneration and recovery from diving deep into such watery realms. So who do I represent? The Fierce Mother. Like my Matron Goddess Demeter who was known as the Lady of the Golden Blade, my weapon of choice is the Sickle. Want to really get to know me? Click here.


Warrior Queen: I am born of the constellation Leo and I lead the way of self-sovereignty for the Amazonian Warrioresses. My gemstone is Ruby, which not only empowers this dynamic leadership, but also stimulates the heart chakra and consequently stokes the fires of my potent and passionate sexual nature. Like my Matron Goddess Bast, my weapon of choice is the Spear. There is nothing subtle about this weapon: it’s aimed straight at the heart and is therefore also the perfect metaphor for how I approach each any task set before me. Want to really get to know me? Click here.


Priestess: I am born of the constellation Virgo and I, like my Matron Goddess Hestia, am keeper of the sacred hearth. I am often in deep communion with my Plant Ally Frankincense, praying or in trance, as I sweep the temple: the spaces of sanctuary for all. No one would know that the Broomstick doubles as my weapon. Nor would they guess that as the Virgin, I enact ritual sexuality as religious devotion. For Virgin never originally equated with celibacy; rather it was intended to convey that she is ‘one unto herself’, i.e. she belongs to no man. Want to really get to know me? Click here.

Determinatress: I am born of the constellation Libra and I am She who Speaks the Truth. The Lapis Lazuli I wear at my throat assists me to voice what I see in the heart I behold. Like my Matron Goddess Ma’at, I consult my Sacred Feather to Weigh the Truth of what is said. I am duly charged with the task of creating order from chaos and bringing stability to imbalance: I personify justice and harmony. My Element is Air and it is through the Air that my Weapon travels, for I am masteress of the Sling. Want to really get to know me? Click here.

Banshee: I am born from the constellation Scorpio and I wield the Sword in battles both physical and beyond. I am the One who Faces the Shadows and cuts away what no longer serves. Staring deep into my ball of Dragonglass, I see what others do not see. For I hold the Power of Prophesy. Nothing can be hidden from me: I see all. Like my Matron Goddess Lilith, Death no longer frightens me, for banishment has taken me past its hold, to depths beyond this world. I know that I will rise again from the ashes. Want to really get to know me? Click here.

Medicine Woman: I am born from the constellation Ophiuchus, who many of you will not know, for I have long been cast out, rejected and denied. Thus I represent the return of the uninvited woman. My Matron Goddess is Hygieia: Goddess of healing, and it is she who grounds me. For my Element is Ether, and it is Hygieia who anchors me into the earthly realms so that I may be here with you now. I wield the Knife in both healing and as a weapon, but also to cut through the veil of delusion that holds humanity prisoner. Want to really get to know me? Click here.

Archeress: I am born from the constellation Sagittarius and, as you may guess, I am adept with the Bow & Arrow, and my Spirit Animal is the Centuaride. However, what you may not know is that the mythology of the Centuaride can be traced back to the Ancient Greeks, who on seeing woman on horseback for the first time, thought that they were but one beast! Indeed, part of my Medicine offering with my Plant Ally Starflower is to help us all find grace in bridging the worlds. Between human and beast is perhaps a good place to begin … Want to really get to know me? Click here.

Alchemist: I am born from the constellation Capricorn and I wield the Staff. My Matron Goddess is Themis, whose name means ‘steadfast’. Like her I stand for the collective conscience; the social imperative, which I have symbolically represented in my Medicine Bundle. Onyx is another particular within this Bundle, which supports steadfastness while promoting vigour and stamina. Yet my ascent up the mountain is about more than simply worldly success: it is a spiritual climb; a journey to the stars. For my ancient heritage is from a lineage of healers and magicians, druids and alchemists … I am the Keeper of Wisdom. Want to really get to know me? Click here.

Wildling: I am born of the constellation Aquarius and, like my Matron Goddess Ganymeda, I am a Goddess of Eternal Youth. Paradoxically I am both the Water-Pourer and of the Element Air. This is because I pour the water from the heavens: hence I am a Rain-Maker. I dance with my Rainstick (that also doubles as my weapon) and I call the rain. The rain, like my Ally the Chalice, symbolises fertility, birth and life. I often carry the Chalice with me, but even when I don’t have it on me it is within me: for it is my Womb; the Holy Grail. Want to really get to know me? Click here.

Merciful One: I am born of the constellation Pisces and I carry no Weapon, for mine is the Art of Empty Hand. Do not think me undefended though, for things are not always as they seem. Like my Tarot Card, the Moon, I am of the Water Element and I have travailed in the depths with my Compassionate Heart. My Matron Goddess is Kwan Yin, the Bodhisattva who presides over the oceans on her Sea Dragon and, like Her, I Speak and Spell my Prayers and Mantras upon the wind as my fingers deftly move over each stone of my Jade Mala. Want to really get to know me? Click here.



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