Amazonian Arts

The Amazonian Arts are a shamanic way for women[1] to consciously connect with, strengthen and express the fierce feminine.

What are the Amazonian Arts?

The 13 Warrioresses



‘The Astrology reading from Amazonian Arts was transformative.  Devoting two hours to a reading allowed so much depth, and it all resonated very strongly.  This reading explained some life-long patterns that I had never understood, and led me to a warrioress archetype that confirmed other information I had received recently from a different source.  I am still working through the reading – there is so much rich insight in there.’

Kate Matthew

‘Jeanette’s birth chart reading gave me insights into my life patterns that I had not realised were there but had of course experienced throughout my life. I had lots of light bulb moments when my challenges and skills were pointed out to me. The reading provided me with clarity and direction. At the end to then receive the gift of the feminine archetype felt like such a blessing. I am looking forward to getting my profile and exploring further the gifts she has to offer me through getting to know her better.’

Lisa Smith

[1] I acknowledge that there are people who no longer identify with the binary of woman/man and although I use these terms throughout I value gender diversity and the spectrum that exists between the binary.