Isis Speaks …

“I am mother and sister to all who reside on your earth. I am the holy vessel that contains the crystallised essence of the creator/creatrix force.”



I generate life, I hold life and I renew life. See me as a mighty force for I am overseer of the arising and rebirth of the ‘wholed’ feminine. There is beauty in all forms of life expression whether it be man, woman, animal or plant. But at this time women are being called to step forth to usher in the ‘new’; to be the way-showers and midwives.

 The masculine principle walks with a heavy heart. They carry their own trauma, of having played the role of perpetrator of pain towards the feminine principle. The call at this turning point is for all women to awaken and return to their rightful place … as nurturers and protectors of LIFE ITSELF: to recognise their true value and worth.

 Sisters, the reins are to be in your hands, and you will need to open your hearts in deep forgiveness to your brothers, your fathers, your husbands and your sons. This act of forgiveness can enable ‘them’ to heal and reclaim their own authentic masculine expression. This in turn leads to the balancing of polarities between the sexes.

 I, as Isis, encourage you to soften your hearts, reconnect and renew your innate strength and fierceness.

Give ‘it’ form, give it life. Explore the many dimensions of your feminine expression and ally with the most resonant archetype. Allow ‘her’ to channel through you, finding your individual niche of authentic potency.

‘Polish your jewel’ and be the ‘she-wolves’ in service to the divine mother; within and without.

‘My crown is yours to wear sisters’.”[1]

[1] Transmission received by Amazonian Astrologer Jeanette Jones. To find out more on Amazonian Astrology or to book your reading, click here.

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