Warrior Queen Speaks …

A major shift is underway as the Amazonian Arts changes gear with the first Amazonian Astrology reading up and away…


Warrior Queen Speaks …

Perhaps it was obvious to others from the beginning, but I did not expect Her. Though I did expect to travail to the powerful depths we did in the Amazonian Astrology Reading, I did not think She was the one who would knock at my door and look me fiercely in the eye. Yet She came into my life that day, in her full force (as is her nature) and, with her spear in hand, she aimed it straight at my heart.

What of the other Warrioresses I had connected to so strongly? The ones I had felt such resonance with? Yes, those proclivities point to strengths and tender tendencies to be sure. But that is not what this work is about. For what I knew deep down all along is that the Warrioress that comes for you will not be the one that you feel most comfortable with. For She is not here to snug you deeper into your comfort zone. Instead, She will be the one that asks you to step beyond those boundaries; demands it of you, on behalf of all you are calling to re-member. For she knows that your full potential will never be reached within the safety of those walls you have built around yourself.

Her dedication and Her commitment to you is to stay by your side until you are liberated from your own locked doors within; from those wounded places hidden away under lock and key, deep deep down in the psyche, soma, and beyond. For it is here that your strengths lie entangled: in these places of absolute vulnerability. But do not think her devoid of compassion. She is fiercely compassionate. She sees the aeons of shame and subjugation that you and all your relations have endured. She will listen to all that you say, and all that you do not say; for She sees you and all that denies you access to your fierce feminine. What you most fear about your own potential, your own shining light, your power, is what she is here to show you. Do not fear her Dear One, for only you can turn the key, but She will fiercely take you to the door.

Which of the 13 Warrioresses is coming for you?

Amazonian Astrology Readings will be available from February 2019. Click here to find out more and to make a booking.

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