A few words from the black unicorn …

“I am black and I am back.”

“I am the mascot* for the Amazonian Arts: a magical creature who is the mythological equivalent to the literal steeds of the Amazons. Much like the feminine, I have been reduced and minimised to something comfortable and safe (‘neutered’), but my true nature is fierce, and I am longing to be re-membered and restored. I represent what is just out of reach, unsettling and powerful. I represent the primal and in my dark form I represent the feminine.

I am black and I am back.”

Curious? For more information click on the link in the top menu called ‘Amazonian Arts’.

*Mascot originally comes from the Latin word ‘masca’, meaning ‘witch’, with etymological connections to the word ‘mask’ (‘black’). Clearly it is time to reclaim this word.

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