Welcome. My name is Akhalita and I speak from a life deeply immersed in nature. I have created this site for, and dedicate it to, the Great Turning[1]: the profound shift many people are working on in order for humans to return to life-sustaining ways with the earth and all its inhabitants. As we consciously re-member the bones of the old ways as they relate to the world of today, we move from a linear mindset back to a cyclical way of being, nourishing and restoring wholesome relationship that is so necessary at this time in the world. This offering is my medicine.

[1] This term was first coined by Depth Ecologist, Joanna Macy.

Ningendo Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a Japanese body therapy that has its origins in Oriental medical theory and techniques that date back thousands of years. This modality uses pressure through touch not only to relax and energise the body by relieving tension, fatigue and stiffness, but to affect a powerful therapeutic treatment that works on a very subtle and deep level at the root of the imbalance.

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Wise Women’s Ways

What are the Blood Mysteries? They are the ancient rivers of embodied knowing that flow through the veins of the wise woman: for she who knows her blood, knows her own power. A very ancient way of disseminating and sharing these teachings is through a women’s circle, where we sit together as women, creating a safe container in which we each can feel supported and empowered in the journey to re-member and reclaim our wholeness. Continue reading “Wise Women’s Ways”

About Tsukido

My husband and I live off grid in the remote rainforest of Northern NSW, where we practice living deeply in tune with the rhythms and cycles of the earth. The name of our home is Ningendo, which means the way to be human.  ​We have students come and stay with us who are interested in cultivating consciousness through deepening their connection with spiritual practices in the natural world.  For more information on our deep immersion programs see our home website: ningendo.com.au. My own creative offering is called Tsukido and translates as the way of the moon, and the story as to how it was birthed into being can be read below … Continue reading “About Tsukido”